Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Gaming

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Gaming

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Here are the Best Blue Light Gaming glasses on the market….
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You know you’re a hard-core gamer if you spend most of your leisure time playing games and e-sports. But we aren’t judging you because the world of gaming is addictive; once you start loving it, there’s no way back. You can play hours and hours and without realizing the potential harm of gaming it has on your health. Yes, these long gaming sessions can be a cause of various health implications. Playing for hours means you are getting exposed to blue light which is emitted from your gaming consoles or screens.

Gaming is a part of our daily lives now. For some, it’s a great leisure time activity, and it’s a career for some; however, these gaming sessions are a potential threat to the health of everyone. If you spend hours on your gaming screens every day, you may have experienced headaches, eye fatigue, and blurriness in the vision at some time. These are all the symptoms of blue light affecting your eyes and, eventually, your overall health.

So, what can you do? For an ardent gamer leaving gaming is not an option. You can invest in blue light blocking glasses that can block blue light coming from your gaming consoles, and you can continue your gaming passion without any worry.

If you search for blue light glasses online, you’ll be presented with hundreds of options; however, some glasses are more effective than others. We have reviewed some of the best blue light blocking glasses, especially for gamers, to make your purchase easy.

Lena Gaga blue light blocking glasses

Gamers know how annoying it is to experience color distortion during an exciting gaming session. For many gamers, it is an ultimate turn-off. If this distortion is due to any eyewear, many of us will throw away these in an instant. The blue light blocking glasses from Lena Gaga use HD vision technology that saves your eyes from blue light and keeps your vision clarity and color of the view intact.

These gaming glasses are very lightweight yet durable. They sit comfortably on your face that you would even barely notice you have something on. The flexibility of the frame material makes it strong and unbreakable. It comes in a classic rectangular shape that suits most of the face types. The anti-reflection coating on the lenses makes these gaming glasses anti-glare.

The cost of these glasses is super affordable that makes these glasses worth a try.



Sturdy and unbreakable

Flexible and non-slippery

Blocks 100% of the blue light


Comes in only classic design

Can be a little big for small faces


These glasses are sturdy and robust and block blue light effectively. However, they won’t give you a very stylish look. They are minimalist blue light glasses with high efficiency.

Smoke by Gunnar blue light blocking glasses

Gunnar is a well-known brand that sells high-quality blue light blocking glasses. Many people vouch for Gunnar’s products, and there is a list of satisfied customers. Gunnar manufactures many types of blue light glasses for gamers according to their requirements. If you are the one that does not compromise on their style even when you’re between the gaming sessions, then Smoke by Gunnar is just the choice of blue light glasses for you. They provide you ultimate clarity and an unobstructed panoramic view.

You can wear these glasses for long hours as these do not affect your pressure points. The frame construction is of high tensile steel that makes these glasses highly sturdy and durable. These blue light glasses do have a slight orange tint to their lenses; however, this tint; however, this tint does not affect the visual clarity.

These glasses are a bit expensive, but considering the quality and efficiency, these glasses are worth the price.




Have a comfortable fit

HD clear vision



A bit heavy than others


If you are one of those that requires stylish glasses the make your gaming experience worth it, then look no further. This is the perfect product for you.

Anima gaming blue light glasses

If you are no more into flimsy, cheap-looking, and plastic blue light glasses, then Anima has just the perfect glasses for you. These glasses are made up of a high-quality metal frame that looks trendy and stylish. The scratch-resistant and anti-glare coating make these glasses remain in good condition for a long time. The CR-39 lenses block maximum blue light, and the minimum tint does not affect much of the visual color. They fit almost every face comfortably because of the flexible hinge. These glasses have a luxury appeal to their style, making them look not less than any high-end glasses.

These gamin glasses are backed by a 100% return policy so that you can buy them without worrying about the quality. The cost is affordable and justifies the quality.






Comfortable to use every day and for long hours


A bit heavy than plastic ones


The blue light gaming glasses from Anima are durable and will last a long time so that you don’t have to invest in other blue light glasses time and again.

AIEYEZO blue light glasses for kids

Kids these days enjoy gaming as much as adults, and there’s no stopping them when they got unlimited vacations like in today’s time. While we want our kids to remain busy during these uncertain times, we do not want these extended gaming sessions to affect their precious little eyes. There are many options of blue light blocking glasses available just for kids, and AIEYEZO is of such a brand that delivers the best quality.

The blue light glasses for kids come in many color options, so your kids will enjoy wearing these. The TPEE silicon frame makes these glasses extraordinarily safe and comfortable to wear. Lenses are 45mm in size, a perfect size for kids.

The price is low that you would want to buy two pairs at a time.



Comfortable fit


High efficiency


Not scratch resistant


These gaming glasses for kids have the best choice in the market and not to mention incredibly cheap. You won’t regret buying a pair, and your kids will be happy to wear them because of its colorful design.