How to Fix Broken Glasses

Do you have broken glasses or blue light glasses? You can fix it yourself if you want to save money. Do-it-yourself (DIY) has become a new standard for people looking to save money. Blue light glasses have specialized lenses that protect your eyes from higher energy radiation with shorter wavelengths of visible light generated from digital devices.

However, glasses are prone to breakage and damages. If you have damaged, bent, or broken glasses, you can fix them quickly using the following techniques. So, instead of taking your glasses to a professional for repair, you can do it yourself. Read on!

How to Repair Your Glasses with a Damaged Frame?

Human beings are prone to making mistakes. That’s why people learn preventative measurements to protect their electronic gadgets and accessories like glasses from damages.

 Your glasses have a frame that protects lenses, but sometimes the frame gets damaged or broken due to falls and accidents, such as slipping into the cushion when you sit down. As a result, the frame’s bridge is the most affected area.

Although most glasses available on the market have a metal frame that requires a professional to repair it, you can do it yourself to save money or if you can’t access a maintenance specialist.

On the other hand, if your glasses have a plastic frame, you can use glue to fix them. Make sure you use a high-strength proxy or boding glue to fix your glasses. Follow the steps given below.

  • Inspect the damaged area of your glasses’ frame
  • Clean the frame to remove dirt, dust, and debris
  • Cover your glasses’ lenses to protect them from the glue
  • Use a high-strength bonding glue according to the glasses’ manufacturer
  • Apply a small amount of glue to the two pieces
  • Hold these pieces for a minute or two
  • Put your glasses down and leave them untouched for 30 minutes

How to Repair Your Glasses with a Broken Arm?

A broken arm of your glasses usually results from a failed hinge screw. When the hinge screw falls out from the frame, it results in a fractured glasses’ arm. Experts recommend investing in the glasses repair kit. Visit the nearest retail shop to buy the repair kit, or if you don’t want to spend more money, you can ask a friend or colleague whether they have the kit.

On the other hand, if you are not at home – for example, camping in a remote area where you can’t access retail stores, you can temporarily use a plumber’s tape around the original screw to fix your glasses. Use a wooden a tiny piece of a toothpick and place it inside the glasses’ armhole to firm the screw.

Remember, not repairing your glasses arm professionally will void the warranty. Therefore, it is crucial to find a replacement screw or take your glasses to a professional repairer. Although it will cost you some money, this is worth it. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a new frame that will cost you even more money.

How to Fix Damaged Nose Pads of Your Glasses?

Your glasses nose pads play a crucial role in positioning your glasses. Some people think that nose pads are insignificant parts of their glasses with no proper function. However, this is a misconception. Glasses without nose pads do not remain at a comfortable angle, leading to bending and breaking.

So, if you want to prevent your glasses from sitting unevenly on your face, make sure you fix the nose pads if damaged. Although nose pads can cause discomfort for people with soft skin due to their digging nature, you must not remove them to ensure your glasses remain in the correct position.

Purchase a repair kit if you don’t have one to fix the damaged nose pads. The most common cause of broken or damaged nose pads is the loosened tiny screw. You need a small screwdriver to tighten the loosened screw. A repair kit has all the tools that you will need to fix your glasses’ nose pads.

Remember, if you can’t repair the nose pads yourself, we recommend taking your glasses to a professional repairer. Likewise, if the nose pads are entirely broken, consider replacing the damaged pads with new ones. Make sure you find nose pads that perfectly align with your glasses. Otherwise, you can’t position your glasses correctly.

How to Clean Blue Light Glasses Lenses

You can repair or fix the damaged lenses yourself. However, you can protect your blue light glasses lenses from damages and continue enjoying the benefits of blue-light-block glasses that protect your eyes from high-energy visible light.

If there is paint, stain, or any other spatter on your lenses, make sure you clean them on time to avoid complications. You can use baby oil to clean your glasses’ lenses. Use a clean and soft cloth to thoroughly clean your lenses. Do not apply a lot of pressure on your lenses to protect them from breakages.

You can take your glasses to a professional eyewear shop if the lenses are completely broken or damaged. Replacing the lenses is a much better option than repairing them yourself at home. Again, this may cost you some money, but that’s worth it. Blue light glasses are expensive accessories, meaning you need to take care of your glasses to avoid damaging them.

Final Words

Blue light glasses are specialized accessories you can wear to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. That’s why it is best to follow a proactive approach and take care of your glasses. That way, you can prevent them from getting damaged. We recommend keeping your glasses in a case when you don’t use them.

Likewise, check your sofa, chair, and car seat before you sit and take your glasses off, and avoid pulling them off. Tighten loosened screw immediately to avoid broken arms and nose pads. Change your frames according to your requirements to get the most out of your blue light glasses.