Are blue light blocking glasses bad for your eyes?

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Don’t you think it’s time to get worried when you are spending too much time in front of screens? This is what has happened to me. I began to worry about my eyes when my vision got blurred while using the laptop. 

However, my doctor said that your eyes were totally fine. I also discussed my problem with my friend, and she asked me to try blue light glasses.

So I thought, why not give it a shot?, for that reason, I did some online research to know whether they are good or blue light blocking glasses are bad for your eyes?

 Then I finally got a pair for myself. And I am in love with it, it is stylish yet it eases your eyes’ pain, my blurry vision has totally gone, and I don’t feel tired after doing tons of work. For me, it is proved to be a lifesaver. Without these glasses, my tired eyeballs may fall on the floor any day now.

If your screen time is way too much as mine and your eyes are struggling, it is an excellent opportunity to try out a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

What actually blue light is?

One can wonder what the blue light is, and why should we prevent our eyes from this? Blue light is found in both i.e. daylight and artificial light. But the thing that must be considered is that blue light during the day is beneficial not only for our eyes but also for our whole body.

Exposure to blue light during the day genuinely provides us with the immense advantages like it constructs our thought process, it enhances our moods, boost our energy levels and so on.

On the other hand, the artificial blue light source is a real threat to our eyes and mind, respectively. It is a mind game. Blue light sends messages to our brain that this is a day time and we have to keep awake and conscious. So our brain keeps us awake all night long.

Therefore, blue light exposure is not ideal after sunset because it is important to send the correct messages to our brain that the night is approaching you better sleep.

But wait, most of us aren’t aware from where we are getting these blue lights after sunset? It is the artificial blue light which comes from gadgets like televisions, laptops, mobile phones, tablets that are mostly used in present-day life, produce a brighter and shorter frequency blue lights.

By wearing blue light blocking glasses while using devices at night, our brain gets the appropriate instructions, and then it works accordingly.

How do blue light glasses work?

At this moment, we get to know what blue light is and how good it is for us. Now the question arises that how the blue light blocking glasses work? 

Blue light reducing glasses, as the name suggests, reduces the exposure of the blue light. Wearing these glasses is not bad at all as it protects our eyes from the hazardous rays coming directly from the screens and the environmental lighting.

Moreover, the glasses are meant to maintain the balance of different lights and also manage to block blue light without darkening the vision effectively. It only blocks the stimulating lights, which can be a threat to our eye while allowing the other less alerting lights to pass through so that you can have a crystal clear view for your routine activities.


Keeping in mind the above-written article, we can easily conclude that blue light blocking glasses are not bad at all as they help reduce headaches, diminish eye strain, and improve our sleep pattern. It also helps in stress reactions, state of mind, and digestion.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses is not enough, though. To boost up its advantages, we have to make sure to get enough daylight during the day. And also, protect your tiny little eyes by limiting the screen time before going to bed.

It is highly suggested that if we have to be online all the time, give a little rest to your eyes by not contacting the screens for a couple of seconds. It will surely prevent our eyes from damaging.

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