Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

Do you know that we all spend more time staring at the screens of our digital devices than we sleep?

You may not be really surprised to know that because, well, we all know our lives are so connected to these digital devices that whether we work or we spend the day lazily, we always want these devices.

The most used digital device has to be our smartphones. If not in our hands, our phones are never far from them as well. However, this excessive use of smartphones can be hurting us in a way that we don’t even realize.

Our smartphones emit harmful blue light that may cause various health implications like macular degeneration, disturbing our sleep cycles, and eye fatigue.

When we talk about smartphones, there’s no way we can leave the talk without talking about the iPhone.

More than 44% of general smartphone owners use iPhones.

iPhone, like any other significant device, emits blue light.

How can we limit the blue light coming from it?

Limiting the use of our iPhones is apparently not an option.

However, we can limit the blue light coming from our iPhones by just applying blue-light-blocking screen protectors. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.

We have rounded some best iPhone blue light blocking screen protectors for you to choose your right pick easily.

Blue light screen protectors give protection against blue light. This can help to prevent harm to the eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from smartphones, laptops, and tablet screens, TVs, and other screens.

Blue light screen protectors are a lot like regular screen protectors however they add a filter that blocks out some of the high-energy blue light. 

It is important to note that blue light is good in small amounts.

However, too much exposure to Blue Light prevents the release of melatonin that your body requires to get the rest it needs.

The filter that is placed in these Blue Light Screen Protectors is beneficial because it reduces the amount of blue light being sent by these devices.

Blue Light Screen Protectors do not only come in the form of a separate case but also as screen protectors.

The benefit of using a screen protector is that it does not eliminate the display of the screen but stops the consumption of harmful blue light.

How do Blue Light Screen Protectors Work?

The blue light screen protector works by filtering the harmful blue light rays through the blue light protector.

Blue light is found between 380nm – 500nm on the light spectrum.

Blue Light Screen Protectors use blue light blockers – a technology that prevents the retina’s damage from blue light.

Blue light is high-energy light that can be very harmful to the eye if viewed for a long period of time, so it is important to protect the eyes from these harmful rays with blue light screen protectors.

These blue light screen protectors block all harmful rays of light coming towards your eyes and allow you to enjoy long periods of studying or working at your computer.

These protectors are even available as disposable or reusable options. They are often recommended to people who are suffering from too much screen time and need relief from their eye strain.

Why should I use a Blue Light Screen Protector?

Blue Light blocking screen protectors help to reduce blue light exposure which may cause

  • Vision  impairment
  • Eyes fatigue or digital eye strain
  • Disturb nights sleep

What to consider when buying a Blue Light Screen Protector

  • Level of Blue Light the screen protector blocks:

In order for a blue light protection screen to work effectively, it must block the high-energy blue light which appears on the light spectrum at between 380nm – 500nm.

Many manufacturers offer testing kits with their products in order to satisfy you that the product is actually blocking this harmful blue light. So it is recommended to buy a blue light screen protector which includes this test 

  • Sizing and Fit:

A lot of blue light screen protectors are designed to fit a specific device eg. iPhone or Samsung phone however some other screen protectors need to be manually cut to size which can be difficult and time-consuming to do. 

  • Cost:

There are many different blue light screen protection products on the market and they are offered at a wide range of prices. In most cases, the lower end of the market blue light protection screens does not offer the same protection as well-established mid to higher-tier priced products. 

  • Durability: 

Blue light screen protectors double up to offer device protection in the form or tampered glass. This will offer protective to your device screen as well as doubling up as a blue light protective screen so it is important we look out for this when purchasing a product.

  • User Experience:

Another key item to check is that the blue light screen protector does not have any negative visual impact on the devices.

That is, for example,  that it doesn’t tint the screen or cause any other issues when using the device.

Best Blue Light Screen Protectors

The Comparison Table

Best Blue Light Iphone Screen Protectors Pros Cons Shop
Kione Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 8/7/6s/ 6 HD clear screen clarity. Anti-fingerprint. Scratch-resistant. Prevents bubbling Has a purplish tint. Makes screen difficult to see in outdoor light. Smaller in size than described Check Latest Price on Amazon
Carebol Anti Blue Light Glass Screen Protector Super smooth feel. Easily cleaned and easy to maintain. Easy installation. Has a mirror-like reflection. Durable and sturdy. Cost-effective Size is not compatible with some of the iPhone models. Collects dust underneath after some time of use. Check Latest Price on Amazon
RetinaGuard iPhone Xs, iPhone X Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Anti-glare. Easily installed. Does not easily crack. Does not affect the color of the display A bit overpriced. Edges curl up after some time of use Check the Latest Price on Amazon
ZAGG Invisible Shield blue light glass screen protector for iPhone Ultra-thin. Feels and looks like the original iPhone screen. Strong and durable Over-priced. Chips easily from the sides Check Latest Price on amazon

Before buying a screen protector, we all search for the one which does not hinder the screen clarity.

The glass protector has to be strong enough to protect the fragile iPhone screens from falls and accidents. Kione manufactures the iPhone blue light screen protector that blocks light effectively and keeps the screen clarity intact.

Kione screen protectors are extremely slim that you will feel like gliding your fingers on the bare screen.

The hydrophobic and oleophobic feature protects your iPhone screen from sweat and any oil residue coming from your fingers.

The cost of these blue light blocking screen protectors is very affordable, and Kione even offers a set of three screen protectors at a very reasonable price.


  • HD clear screen clarity
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Prevents bubbling


  • Has a purplish tint
  • Makes the screen difficult to see in outdoor light
  • Smaller in size than described


These anti-blue light protectors justify the cost they are selling at.

They are sturdy and clear. However, the purplish-blue tint may be a drawback which most of us will not like.

The Carebol screen protector has to be the best screen protector that effectively blocks blue light.

However, this screen protector has a significantly visible purplish tinge, and this tinge is exactly why this screen protector so effective.

Despite the tinge, this protector is 99.9% clear and does not hinder the screen clarity.

If you want a blue light screen protector that would block the maximum of the blue light and the purplish tinge does not bother you, this protector is the perfect pick for you.

The screen protector from Carebol is ultra-thin, having 0.3mm thickness. The oleophobic and hydrophobic coating makes it sweat and smudge-proof.

The scratch-free feature would make the screen clarity even better, and the curved edges give the protector a fine fit.

The overall cost of this product is very budget-friendly


  • Super smooth feel
  • Easily cleaned and easy to maintain
  • Easy installation
  • Has a mirror-like reflection
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Cost-effective


  • The size is not compatible with some of the iPhone models.
  • It can collect dust underneath after some time of use.


This blue light screen protector works like a charm when it comes to blocking the blue light.

However, it collects dust after some time, and you will have to change it time and again but, considering the effectiveness of blocking blue light and the price Carebol offers, this screen protector is worth a try.

The brand’s name that sells this blue light screen protector tells what exactly it is used for.

The RetinaGuard manufactures the screen that guards your retina against any damage due to the blue light.

These glass protectors protect 90% of the blue light coming from your iPhone so that you enjoy screen time without worrying about the potential damage that blue light can cause.

This protector protects your iPhone without altering the color of the display.

The design is slim and sturdy at the same time.

No bubbles will reside beneath the screen protect after application as it can be installed easily and quickly.

This blue light screen protector is made with Japanese technology, SGS, and Intertek tested to know you are buying the quality product.

The cost of this screen protector is a bit higher than the others in the market.


  • Anti-glare
  • Easily installed
  • Does not easily crack
  • Does not affect the color of the display


  • A bit overpriced
  • Edges curl up after some time of use


Although the price is high this protector is stronger than others.

Unlike other protectors made up of glass, the material is plastic, which does not easily crack.

So if you want to buy a protector that lasts long and does not crack randomly, this is the pick for you.

Most of the screen protectors sold in the market are smaller than the size of the smartphone screen.

These protectors are significantly visible after application and can change the overall look of your iPhone screen.

So, if you are looking for a screen protector that not only blocks blue light but sits perfectly on your screen and gets invisible after application then ZAGG sells the product that is just right for you.

It preserves your iPhone’s original look and does not change the feel of the original screen.

This protector is ultra-thin and barely visible and provides 100% screen clarity.

The price at which this protector is sold is higher as compared to others.


  • Ultra-thin
  • Feels and looks like the original iPhone screen
  • Strong and durable


  • Over-priced
  • Chips easily from the sides


Although the price is more than other screen protectors, the clarity this protector provides your iPhone screen is unmatchable.

If you want to preserve your iPhone screen’s feel and look even after the protector application, then this cover is the product of choice for you.