Blue Light And How It Affects Your Sleep

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It is arguably true that we spend most of our time on mobile gadgets. The advancement of technology has made the world a global village. Yes, we do agree this is a good thing, but at the same time, our mobile gadgets can harm us. Blue light is commonly found in our mobile devices.

Blue light is the colour that is found in the light spectrum. Besides that, blue light is a short wave that produces a higher amount of energy. There is both natural and artificial blue light. Our primary focus will be on blue light and how it affects our sleeping cycle. 

At the culmination of this article, you will have acquainted yourself with more knowledge regarding blue light. Without any further ado, let’s get sailing. Don’t be left behind.

Natural blue light vs. artificial blue light

Blue light waves are around us—and it’s the main reason why the sky is blue. The natural waves collide with molecules in the air and make the sky to be blue. Generally, natural blue light enhances sleep and strengthens the wake-up cells.

Besides that, blue light boosts alertness and also boosts our general wellbeing. On the contrary, artificial blue light is contained mostly in electronic devices. Artificial blue light has some effects, which we will look at later in the article.

Effects of blue light on sleep

Blue light has numerous effects, more so in sleeping cycles. How exactly is blue light distractive while sleeping?

1. Affects the production of melatonin

Artificial blue light harms your sleep since it affects the production of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Perhaps one may be wondering how this hormone is affected by blue light. the melatonin hormone is responsible for making a person feel sleepy,

When blue light mitigates the production of the hormone, it will have an impact on your sleep. Generally, we can wake up in the morning due to noticing the bright sky. Despite the minimal amount of light produced by digital gadgets, it has significant effects on sleep cycles.

The brain perceives the light via the melanopsin receptors, which are behind the retina. The blue light from electronic gadgets gets access to the mind.

2. Has effects on the circadian rhythm

Blue light plays a vital role in controlling the circadian rhythm of the body. The circadian rhythm is responsible for communicating with your body’s sleeping time and waking up time. Any disturbance in the circadian rhythm will have a negative impact on the sleep cycle. 

First and foremost, the rhythm will be distorted, and this will affect sleep quality. Well, when we have our sleep quality affected, then this may lead to health deterioration among other negative health effects caused by blue light

3. Eyestrain

When our eyes get exposed to too much blue light, we tend to strain our eyes. Eye strain may lead to eye-related problems, which in advanced cases, may cause blindness.  Besides eye strain, we can get some physical discomfort when we spend too much time on digital screens.

Tips to minimize blue light mostly during the night

  • Getting bright light during the day: When we expose ourselves to natural light during the day, we will have a boosted ability to sleep soundly during the night. Our alertness will also be boosted. 
  • Operating devices which have a smaller screen: Devices that have a smaller screen tend to produce less blue light compared to those with large screens.  We should also minimize the amount of brightness on the screen of our device.
  • Wearing protective eye gear: This is very paramount in the prevention of blue light, more so during the night. We should aim at investing in good light-blocking glasses. The glasses usually regulate the amount of light that should enter our eyes directly.
  • Minimizing the brightness of our devices: When we are operating devices during the night, we should minimize the brightness completely. The more the brightness, the more the blue light will affect your eyes.

Final thought

Artificial blue light is dangerous to our eyes, and if we don’t regulate the light, it may cause health problems. The above are some of the ways pf how blue light can affect our sleep.

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