Blue Light Blocking Glasses VS Computer Glasses

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I have heard many times about blue light blocking glasses and computer glasses. Is there any difference?

Can I use only one for both purposes?

The answer to both questions is NO. It depends upon the situation why you are using them. Blue light blocking glasses have different functions, while computer eyeglasses have their separate functions.

Blue light glasses are made specifically to block blue light. In contrast, computer eyeglasses are made to be used when using a computer, or you can also use them while using your smartphone.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light is high energy visible light (HEV) with a wavelength ranging from 380-500nm. Several studies have shown that Blue light is responsible for disturbing our circadian rhythm leading to sleep disturbance.

Blue light does not damage our eyesight. However, some studies tell that blue light harms our retina that is the innermost layer of our eyes.

These glasses are made specifically to block blue light. They do not contain any specific lenses; they reflect or absorb blue light.

Do blue light glasses work to prevent eye strain because of computer usage? No, they don’t prevent eyestrain; that is because of computers. 

They are comparatively cheap as compared to glasses made for computers. They can range from somewhere between $10 to $100.

Computer Glasses

They are somewhat different from the glasses we discussed above. Most of these glasses are designed to prevent eye strain or headaches. Only some of them are also designed to protect from blue light.

When we stare at the computer all day during our work in the office, we continuously expose our eyes to stress. This stress results in eye strain, pain full eyes, and sometimes headaches and migraines.

People who work at computer know that there is a syndrome known as computer vision syndrome. Eye strain, painful eyes, dry eyes, headaches, and migraines are symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

These types of glasses use different types of lenses that are specific for each person. These lenses include single vision lenses, bifocal and trifocal lenses, and occupational progressive lenses or multifocal lenses.

According to a report, 59 percent of the adults in the united states suffer from eye strain. These glasses for computers can prevent this strain. The main functions of these glasses are.

  • They have an anti-glare coating which is responsible for decreasing glare and helping eye strain patients.
  • They also do slight magnification that helps us to view things better on the computer screen.

Considering their functions, most of the people question that computer glasses can be used for reading? The answer is no because they are designed to reduce the glare coming from the screen, and they have special lenses made for working on the computer.

These are prescription glasses; sometimes, people use them on their own, which is not a good practice because they have special lenses.

Which Glasses should I choose

Suppose you have sleep disturbance issues because of excessive use of computer in the office or your smartphone. In that case, you should go for blue light glasses AS these lights will block specific wavelengths of blue light that are responsible for disturbing our melatonin production.

Melatonin is our sleep hormone. By blocking the production of melatonin, blue light gives a signal to our mind that it’s daytime. So, you should go for these glasses if you have sleep issues.

Suppose you don’t have sleep issues and have problems like painful eyes, eye strain, and other computer vision syndrome symptoms. In that case, you should go for glasses made, especially for computer usage. 

Because these glasses are designed especially for using the computer, they can help you with computer vision syndrome or eye issues. But these are not made to improve your sleep.

However, now a day’s companies are introducing new glasses which are tinted. They are tinted yellow to prevent you from blue. They can’t be differentiated from the regular eyeglasses made for computers because the yellow tint is not visible.

Computer screens also emit blue light so that some people might be suffering from both computer vision syndrome and sleep disturbance. So, these computer eyeglasses with yellow tint will be beneficial for those people.

I recommend that people with sleep disturbance issues and computer vision syndrome change their lifestyles and habits to combat them. If you are suffering from sleep disturbance, try not to expose yourself to blue light coming from computers or smartphones in the evening and the nighttime. 

If you are suffering from computer vision syndrome, try to take frequent breaks while using your computer. And try to adapt a well-known rule that is the 20-20-20 rule. After screen exposure of every 20 minutes, it means to look at something natural 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

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