Blue Light eye damage symptoms

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Blue light is present in both the sunlight and in mobile devices. The sun is composed of orange, indigo, violet, red, yellow, green and blue. When the colours combine, we get to see white light which we usually see. Besides that, blue light has short waves which produce energy.

Generally, blue light may damage our eyes if we aren’t careful. Electronic gadgets are the primary source of blue light. The light produces by our electric devices is very harmful to our eyes, and if we don’t take proper precaution, it may lead to blindness. Our primary focus will be on blue light eye damage symptoms.

When we are mainly exposed to blue light

Well, the largest source of blue light is the sun. We are highly exposed to blue light when we are in the sun. According to research, the amount of blue light that gets into our eyes when we are exposed to screens is a minimal percentage. 

When we are exposed to blue lights by looking at LED televisions, fluorescent lights, flat screens, and computer monitor, our eyes are at a high risk of getting damaged. Children usually absorb a higher percentage of blue light compared to adults.

How Blue Light affects our eyes

Well, the blue light passes through the lens and cornea and finally reaches the retina of our eye.  Too much exposure to blue light is detrimental to our vision, and this may even lead to retina damage.

Common symptoms of blue light

  • Eyestrain: Since our eyes will be working extra hours to cope with the blue light, you may experience eye strain. If we overstay in computers for a long duration of time, our eyes may get a lot of exposure to the blue light, and this may lead to long-term vision complications.
  • Headaches: This is a regular symptom for those suffering from blue light. Generally, headache is caused by too much strain by the eyes. Some people get severe headaches when they are exposed to bright light. This is mainly because sensitive light may trigger headaches due to the exposure of blue light.
  • Disruption in sleep pattern: Disruption in sleep patterns is another symptom of blue light damage. Generally, blue light disrupts the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a useful hormone that helps us wake up in the morning due to the presence of sunlight.When blue light damages the eye, there is a high possibility the sleep pattern will be distorted.
  • Lack of focus: Due to regular headaches and eye strain, one may not be able to focus while working on a phone or even on a computer. Lack of focus is caused by vision damage. This may lead to loss of jobs since one won’t be able to meet strict deadlines.
  • Dry eyes: This is another symptom which is associated with blue light. One may experience dry eyes due to the prolonged exposure to computer screens or digital devices screens. When one has dry eyes, it is less likely for that person to blink, and this is harmful to the eyes.
  • Blurry vision: One is likely to have a blurry vision when he/she is exposed to prolonged blue light. It is advisable one to take regular breaks from the screen to minimize the risks of having visual problems. Blurry vision definitely will make one not to pay attention to the work that he/she is doing.

Protection against blue light

Medics highly recommend that one should invest in anti-glare glasses. The glasses will regulate the amount of light that is getting into your eyes. When there is excess light, the anti-glare glasses tend to darken to filter excess light. 

Many computer users wear these glasses, and it is beyond doubt that they have borne good fruits.

Final thought

The above are some of the symptoms of blue light to your eyes. It is advisable to minimize the brightness of digital gadgets to mitigate the risk of having such risks. Always consult medics for the best advice on how to protect yourself against blue light.

Blue light usually affects children more than adults. Parents should ensure their children don’t take a lot of time on computer screens and mobile phones.

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