Blue light on your phone

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From smart television and smartphone to tablets, there are many electronic devices that we are glued to daily. Most of these devices have made life easier and comfortable. However, did you know that these devices usually emit blue light, which might be harmful to your eyes? This might surprise you, but that is the reality of issues. However, what is blue light? This is part of the visible light spectrum, vibrating within the 380 to the 500-nanometer range. This light usually has the shortest wavelength and possess a lot of energy. Your smartphone is a good source of blue light.

Is blue light on your phone bad?

The level of blue light that you receive from the different screens is relatively minimal compared to the level of exposure from the sun. This is because the sun is known to be the most significant source of blue light. If you are on your phone for a long period, you might suffer some long-term effects of screen exposure. 

All this is due to the juxtaposition of screens and the length of the time one spends as he or she looks at them. Some of the effects include disturbed wake and sleep cycle, which can lead to problems related to sleeping and daytime tiredness.

How can you mitigate the visual damage of blue light on your smartphone?

The good news is that you can mitigate the above mentioned side effects of blue light from your smartphones by considering some steps. First and foremost, some unique sunglasses can help block the blue light, especially if you are using your phone for more extended periods. 

As an aftermath, you can trust that your eyes will remain safe regardless of the period of blue light exposure. Besides this method, the following ideas can help mitigate the harmful effects of the blue light:

  1. Put your phone down regularly

This might seem obvious, but most people usually remain glued on their smartphones’ screens for many hours. This is usually the case when one is reading social media updates of even browsing the internet on his or her phone. The more the time you spend using your phone, the higher the chances of being exposed to the blue light.

Therefore, to mitigate this problem, you should make a conscious effort to put it down after some time.  You can keep it aside for 5 to 10 minutes before you resume your operations.

  1. Use the 20-20-20 rule

For every 20 minutes you spend on your phone, look at least 20 feet away for about 20 minutes. By doing this, you will allow them to rest for a while and recover. This will go a long way in preventing eye strain as a result of focusing on a screen.

  1. Refrain from your phone at least one hour before going to bed

It is worth noting that blue light and screen before going to bed can energize you and thereby make you remain awake. If you can keep your phone at bay for a while, you can be sure that you will be able to sleep better.

  1. Reduce the light intensity of your phone

The modern-day smartphones come with a feature that allows you to reduce its light intensity. You can readily use this feature to reduce the amount of blue light they emit.

  1. Blink frequently

If you are using your smartphone for long, you should combat dry eyes by blinking more frequently. By blinking frequently, you allow your eyes to re-nourish the ocular surface with tears, thereby reducing digital eyestrain. Apart from this, you can consider using lubricating eye drops.

  1. Keep your distance

If you are fond of holding your smartphone close to your face, the chances are that you will experience eyestrain. Ideally, the phone should be about an arm’s length away. This has worked well for many people.


Nowadays, it is hard to keep your phone at bay simply because you need to check your email, social media updates, browse the internet, and so forth. However, as you do this, you consider the ideas mentioned above to mitigate the effects of blue light from your device. Consider the above ideas today, and you will not regret it.

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