Can Blue Light Damage Your Eyes?

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for a few consecutive hours? Most of us normalize these fluttering without getting concerned about the reasons behind them.

One of the main reasons for this resonation episode is the extended exposure of our eyes with blue light as most of us are unaware that these gadgets emit blue light and harmful radiation, which directly affects our eyes.

In this article, we will briefly analyze the main leads on the topic “can blue light damage your eyes?” Though, before jumping on to the central issue, let’s have a quick overview of blue light. 

Blue Light – Definition In A Sight

The light which is visible to the human eye and has the shortest wavelength is called blue light. The natural source of blue light is the sun. We can also obtain blue light from other artificial sources; for instance, electronic gadgets, fluorescent, and LED lighting to emit blue light. 

Although blue lights are environmentally friendly and at the same time, they can harm our eyes. 

Can blue light damage your eyes?

Blue lights are beneficial in regulating the sleep cycle of the body, boost alertness, and elevate our moods. However, excess of anything propels us towards the adverse side of that particular thing. 

Blue lights that radiate from the sun don’t harm our eyes because we don’t make direct eye contact with the sun, and the sun’s light traveling speed and distance also make these lights harmless. Moreover, we don’t spend too much time in the sunlight. 

However, we make direct eye contact with the blue light emitting from screens of television, laptop, mobiles, and other devices. Because of the short traveling distance, these lights directly travel to the retina of the eye and blur the vision. 

What other damages does blue light cause to the eyes?

Blue light also causes damage to other parts of the eye other than the retina. It will make the eyes dry, and as a result, we will feel fatigued, irritated, and have difficulty focusing. 

These are the initial damage stages due to the blue light effect, and if it is not treated on time, it will worsen. We may also get blind if we leave our eyes unadministered and don’t care for it. 

Continuous exposure of eyes with electronic devices, particularly at sleeping hours, only makes our eye exhausted and weaken due to which we are unable to focus on our daily tasks. These tired eyes also make the body stale and sleepy. 

If our eyes are not relaxed, it will be difficult for us to target our daily goals. 

A study shows that around 70% of the total population complains about the digital eyestrains, and they don’t have enough knowledge about what they are going through so they don’t bother to lessen their pain. 

People who are complaining about discomfort are those adults or teenagers who continuously use media devices. 

Another study reflects that toddlers and kids are more susceptible to blue lights because they are in their growing age, and this light affects their retina even worse. We see a number of kids wearing glasses because they use these gadgets more than us adults.

If we want to keep our vision sharp, the best way is to reduce all the screen times, especially at night, so that our eyes can relax. We can also adopt the following preventive measures to avoid any eye damage in the future. 

Preventive measures

  • Cut down the screen time.
  • Use protective glasses during screen time.
  • Wear sunglasses when going out in the sun or having a sunbath. 
  • It is better to use dim lights at night time instead of using LED or fluorescent lights


All the above discussion leads us to conclude that blue lights are responsible for eye damage and can cause severe harms to the eyes if they don’t get immediate treatment. Just think once anyone can go through this pain. 

So the best way to get out of this situation and healthy life is to give your eyes some break. It would be better if we spend some time alone in the dark. This will relax our eyes as well as our soul.,like%20age%2Drelated%20macular%20degeneration.

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