Do blue light blocking glasses help ease headaches?

Did you know that according to the vision council that about 80 per cent of American adults use digital devices for more than two hours per day and 60 per cent of them simultaneously use more than two devices? Fifty-nine per cent suffers from symptoms of digital eye strain. 

Headache and sore and tired eyes are the most common symptoms of digital eye strain. This is the reason why most of us suffer from frequent headaches. Now the question arises why do digital devices trigger headaches? The answer is the blue light!

Yes, the blue light is responsible for digital eyestrain which will lead to headaches. How to overcome the stress on eyes imparted by the blue light? Filter or block these lights from entering into our eyes. Blue light blocking glasses can be of great help in this regard.

How does digital eye strain lead to headaches?

Jeff has a corporate 9 to 5 job, and most of his work hours include working on the laptop. He explained he experience sore eyes every once in a while with later turns in to a headache that comes from behind the eyes. This headache is a result of blue light affecting his eyes. 

Apart from vision transmission pathway, there is another neural pathway from eyes to brain. When blue lights hit your retina for a prolonged period, this pathway is affected and what we feel is a dull headache that is originating from behind the eyes.

Do blue light blocking glasses help ease headaches?

I’ve been complaining of headaches and eye soreness from quite some time. My ophthalmologist asked if I spend my time mostly on digital screens like laptops and smartphones. Guilty as charged! I have no option; my work requires me to be on the computer for at least 8 hours per day. Also, I thought half an hour or two of mindless internet surfing wouldn’t hurt.

Contrary to my belief, this mindless surfing did hurt my eyes. My ophthalmologist prescribed to use blue light blocking glasses, and they worked. My headaches are gone; my eyes feel better. I’m the whole new person.

For me and many blue light blocking glasses did work in alleviating headaches; however, the research as to did they work on a mass scale is still in process.

How does blue light blocking glasses help alleviate headaches related to eye strain?

Blue light blocking glasses designed specially to filter out the excessive amount of blue light from reaching our retina. Why? Because blue light is the primary culprit in triggering eye strain and headaches related to it. 

With the increasing use of digital screens, complains related to eye strain and headache increasing too. This is the primary concern of working professionals nowadays.

When the excessive blue light gets blocked from reaching our eyes, less our eyes will feel strained, and this means fewer headaches caused by it.

We can spend our time working on laptops and computer screens without worrying about eye damage. Now that’s excellent news.

What do experts say?

Headaches are a common symptom of eyestrain caused by excessive exposure of blue light.

Dr Samuel Pierce, president of the American Optometric Association, describes eye strain caused by blue light as: “Eye strain in and of itself will not cause permanent damage – there’s no long-term lasting effects from eye strain. It typically goes away when you stop the activities that are creating the eye strain.”

The problem is decreasing the use of digital devices in today’s time does not seem to be an option, and there needs to another solution to this problem. For this reason, both the vision council and Dr Pierce advises the use of blue light blocking glasses to alleviate eyestrain and headaches related to it.

The verdict

Continuous exposure of blue light on our eyes means eye strain and eye strain mean headaches. The longer we use our digital screens unprotected, the more we will hurt our eyes and the more intense will be our headaches. 

Though not much of the researched data is available, that would justify the use of blue light blocking glasses for alleviating eye strain and headaches however many individual experiences have reported the benefits of blue light blocking glasses.

Many individuals, including me, have seen the difference before and after the use of these glasses. The results are fewer headaches and no more sore eyes.

Blue light blocking glasses are worth a try.

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