Do I Need an Eye Test Before Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

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Have you ever felt an eye strain and pain without any apparent reason? The reason could be the continuous exposure of blue light on your eyes. 

My work requires me to be on my laptop at least 8 hours a day, and then I love to watch Netflix in my free time. I was exposing my eyes to blue light for a prolonged period. Then my eyes started to suffer. Eye strain and fatigue became a regular thing after my work session. 

I booked an appointment with my ophthalmologist, and he, after some thorough evaluation of my routine and some eye tests, prescribed me blue light blocking glasses. My life is changed after that, no eye strain, no blurry vision, nothing.

So, in this article, we will have an overview of who should wear blue light blocking glasses and how to find out if we need one.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

We are regularly exposed to blue light all day every day. Blue light is emitted naturally via the sun; however, our modern-day digital devices also emit blue lights in a considerable amount.

Blue light is beneficial and required by our body to be alert and active to carry out our daytime activities. However, excessive blue light exposure at night can cause various health hazards like sleep cycle disruption, eye strain, and other eye problems.

This is where blue light blocking glasses came in to picture. The blue light blocking glasses are designed to stop excessive harmful blue rays from reaching our eyes and protect our eyes from its side effects.

Reference visual activity test:

Health care professionals do not recommend this test; however, we can determine if we suffer from eye strain using this simple self-test. How to do it?

It’s simple! When working on our computer screens for a prolonged period look up and see the distant signs. If these signs get blurry, we may be suffering from eye strain, and it’s a better idea to stop and relax our eyes for some time.

Blue light blocking glasses are for EVERYONE-no tests required

There are various opinions on the use and effects of blue light blocking glasses by health care professionals. Some do prescribe them after diagnosing digital eye strain, while some believe that they don’t have any effect.

However, as per my personal experience, blue light blocking glasses works like a charm. 

Blue light blocking glasses can be (and should be) used by everyone. In today’s time, every individual is exposed to blue light, whether they are a student working on an assignment or a corporate office employee who needs to submit a task in an hour, a 60-year-old granny watching her favorite sitcom or a teen playing on his gaming console.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can help us from the side effects of blue rays emitted from our digital devices, whose use is inevitable in modern times.

Signs that it’s the time to invest in blue light blocking glasses

We don’t need any prior testing to buy these pairs of glasses; however, we can consider some signs as an incentive to buy blue light blocking glasses. These signs include:

  1. Blurred vision at the end of the day-If, we experience blurry vision after work, then our eyes may have overworked and overexposed to blue light.
  2. Spending more than 10 hours per day on our computers and other digital devices
  3. Recurrent headaches-one of the leading problems of blue light that prompt us to invest in blue light blocking glasses
  4. Having trouble sleeping-blue light disrupts our circadian rhythm, which means less sleep and having trouble staying asleep.
  5. Trouble concentrating-the initial symptoms of digital eye strain caused by blue light are that we can have a hard time focusing and concentrating.
  6. Watery eyes-one of the common sign of digital eye strain

The verdict

There are no specific tests to know if we are suffering from eye strain, or we need blue light blocking glasses. However, the need for blue light blocking glasses in this digitized time when our works to our leisure activities are dependent on the digital devices cannot be denied.

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