Eco-friendly eyewear, why it’s great and how to choose it

People are eco-conscious. Now more than ever before. Many, if not most, are aware of the impact that every purchase decision has on the environment. The growing amount of search queries on Google related to sustainable product purchasing speaks for itself. – people are interested in eco-friendly products and the companies that produce and sell them. And as this trend grows, eco-friendly eyewear is becoming more than sustainably sourced eyewear; it’s becoming a lifestyle statement.

What does eco-friendly mean?

It means not to be harmful to the planet. It’s easier said than done to find environmentally friendly products when you’re unfamiliar with a manufacturer’s practices. So how do you source eco-friendly glasses?

  1. Research the company you’re considering. If the information is concise, transparent, verifiable, and outlines the entire production process, you have a winner.
  2. Choose eco-friendly glasses with longevity. Read reviews to see what others are saying about lifespan. The less often you have to buy the product, the better your carbon footprint on the environment.
  3. Packaging matters! Buy items with less packaging fluff wherever possible. Look for manufacturers who have done their best to stick to the most functional basics while still maintaining style.

If you’d like the full scope of what goes into a company’s green purchasing decisions, take a look at a guide that NASPO has put together. It’s aimed at bigger corporations but you’ll get a ton of insight into what you, as an end-consumer, should be looking for as well.

Companies that are truly green manufacture with the planet in mind.

How do eco-friendly glasses help you make a statement?

There are stunning natural frames that are made from renewable resources. These frames also come in many different styles and colors which means that finding the perfect pair for you won’t be hard at all! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something sleek or something bold – there will be a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses that will make your heart go pitter-pat!

Also, symbolically, your glasses are a reflection of who you are. They help you to see the world more clearly. Your statement will show

Choosing the right eco-friendly eyewear

Eco-friendly and sustainable eyewear needs to be durable, fashionable, easy to clean, and affordable. It also needs to be flexible. If you can use your frames in more than one setting, even better!

Remember to do your research as certain natural materials add to the carbon burden to produce on a mass scale. The company that you choose will already have considered this.

The benefits of choosing eco-friendly eyewear truly outweigh the cons (and there are a few, limited stock and availability, additional shipping costs, longer waiting periods in some instances). But your commitment to choosing products that reduce the impact that mass production has on the planet is a powerful one.

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