How to activate a blue light filter for the iPhone?

Did you know that our mindless internet surfing and scrolling social media platforms can pose various health impacts? The blue light emitted from our smartphones can cause us serious health issues. 

Yes, we need blue light to stay active during the daytime, but excessive exposure is detrimental to us. 

In today’s modern time, it is practically impossible for us to stay away from our smartphones.

If we cannot help reduce our screen timing, we can take specific measures to reduce the blue light coming from it.

For iPhone users, the blue light filter’s activation is straightforward, and this article will tell you how to do it.

Night mode shift on iPhone

iPhone is the cell phone of choice of the new generation. From celebs to regular people, everyone seems to flaunt their iPhones. Some people swear by its unique features.

However, when it comes to emitting blue light iPhone is no different from other phones, and excessive use can pose various health implications.

However, luckily, the iPhone has got the back of its users when it comes to minimizing the emission of blue rays. In January 2016 iPhone introduced the ‘night shift feature’ on the newest model. This night shift mode allows the users to adjust the type of light emitted by our light phone.

We can adjust it on the warmer spectrum, and we can immediately notice the change. How much we want to sift the screen mode is up to us. The process is simple, and even new iPhone users can keep it running in no time.

How to turn on the night shifts feature on our iPhone.

We can turn on and off night shift in two ways.

Turning on the night shift from the control center

  1. We need to open the control center first. To do so
    On iPhone X and iPad-we need to swipe-down the top-right corner of the screen
    On iPhone 8 and iPod touch-we need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  1. Tap and hold the brightness bar
  2. Now tap the screen shift icon.

Turning on the night shift from the settings app

  1. Initially, we need to tap open the settings app.
  2. In the settings app, there is display and brightness level in the list, and tap open it.
  3. On the display and brightness screen, we need to select the night shift.
  4. Now, in the night shift screen, there is an option of manually enable until tomorrow.
  5. We can now customize the following settings


  1. We need to select the schedule option to turn it on and set the timing between which we want to set the night shift.
  2. If we set the default night shift option, it will turn on at night and gets off at sunrise.
  3. Now on the next screen, we need to select the custom schedule.
  4. We can choose our preferred time by choosing the’ Turn On At’ and ‘Turn Off At’ option.

Adjusting the color temperature

  1. We can alter the blue light emission by adjusting the slide under a color temperature
  2. We need to adjust the slider to the left to reduce the blue light. This will make the screen appear redder and less bright
  3. We need to adjust the slider to the right to increase the blue light. This will make the screen appear bluer and brighter

What are the benefits of adjusting our iPhones to the night shift at night and using the reddish less bright screen?

Adjusting to night mode means less bright, our iPhone screens will be, which means less blue light emission. 

Red light has shown to be less hazardous in the visible light spectrum; therefore, adjusting our phone hue to reddish will lower the potential risks of damaging our eye and disrupt our circadian rhythm by the prolonged exposure of blue light.

iPhone also has the feature of selecting the default night shift option, so we don’t need to adjust our night shift every day.

By selecting the timer, we can set our night shift mode in our preferred times.

Even after so much convenience that iPhone has provided, we still would advise keeping our iPhones away one to two hours before bedtime.

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