Is it okay to wear blue glare blocking glasses all the time?

Many people ask: can I wear blue glare blocking glasses at all times? The quick answer to this question is “Yes,” you can wear them all day because it does not impact your eyes negatively. Not only does blue glare blocking glasses protect your eyes, but it also prevents exposure to blue light, leading to healthy eyes.

The digital era has caused almost all of us to use devices and gadgets that emit blue light. Although blue light is beneficial in some ways, it also poses threats to your health. In today’s article, I will focus on the benefits of using blue glare blocking glasses, the advantages of blue light, and when to use blue light glasses. Read on!

Benefits of Using Blue Glare Blocking Glasses

People use digital devices, such as computers, laptops, cell phones, and other gadgets at home and office for multiple hours every day. These devices emit blue light that can take a significant toll on your overall health and wellbeing. Consider wearing blue glare blocking glasses to fight the adverse effects of too much exposure to blue light. Here are a few reasons why you need to wear blue light glasses.

Improved Sleep

Spending time outdoors and exposing your body to sunlight can make you feel alert. At the same time, using digital devices before sleep can also make you feel alert. According to the Sleep Foundation, short wavelengths can hinder melatonin production and disrupt your sleep cycle at night.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or any other device before bed can delay the melatonin release in your brain, preventing you from a good night’s sleep. If you still want to use a digital device and can’t turn it “OFF” two hours before bed, we recommend using blue glare blocking glasses to promote healthy sleep.

Reduced Eye Strain

When you look at the screen all day, it will stress your eyes and pressure internal structures. As a result, you will experience eye and muscle strain. Remember that ergonomic adjustments are essential for preventing eye-muscle-related issues, primarily when working on computers for a prolonged period. Thus, blue-light-blocking glasses can reduce eye strain and promote healthy eyes.

Because blue light makes it difficult for people to focus on the screen, you will pressure your eyes to concentrate, leading to severe eyestrain. On the other hand, blue glare blocking glasses increase the screen contrast, allowing you to focus better and reduce eye strain subsequently.

No or Fewer Headaches

Light or blue light leads to headaches and migraines, leading to severe pain and hindering your productivity. If you want to avoid headaches or migraines, make sure you invest in high-quality blue light glasses.

Reduced Risk of Eye Diseases

Although your eyes’ lens and cornea can block harmful ultraviolet rays, they can’t mitigate the effects of blue light. Damage to the internal structures of your eyes, particularly the retina, can lead to macular degeneration, leading to permanent blindness.

Blue light can penetrate the eye’s retina and cause numerous symptoms related to macular degeneration, leading to cataracts development. That’s why it is crucial to focus on protective measures, such as wearing blue glare blocking glasses.

Top Health Benefits of Blue Light

Although exposure to blue light can disturb your sleep, deteriorate your eyes health, and reduce your productivity at work, it also has some advantages for your health. Let me discuss the health benefits of blue light. Continue reading!

Stay Alert and Focused

Research shows that exposure to blue light can increase your reaction time and improve alertness, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day task. When you expose your body to blue light, you can enhance your work-related performance.

Boosted Cognitive Function

A 2017 research study highlights that exposure to blue light for at least 30 minutes can improve memory performance and boost cognitive function. Researchers highlight that blue light is more effective than amber light when it comes to increasing your cognitive function.

Reduced Stress and Depression

Stress is the root cause of numerous health conditions, including heart diseases, live disorders, diabetes, metabolic diseases, and mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. One study highlights that blue light therapy is an effective treatment option for people with stress and depression.

Researchers conclude that blue light therapy combined with antidepressant medications work wonders for people with mental health conditions. So, it is helpful to undergo blue light therapy if you have stressful or depressive symptoms.

Skin Rejuvenation

A growing body of research evidence shows that blue light is effective against microbes that cause inflammation and acne breakouts, leading to enhance skin health. However, it is crucial to use FDA-approved blue light devices at your home for skin rejuvenation. Another study highlights that exposure to blue light can prevent skin conditions like actinic keratosis, plaque psoriasis, and basal cell carcinoma tumors.

When to whip out the anti-blue light glasses

Blue glare blocking glasses are an essential accessory for people in the digital age. Although you can wear them all day, you must not ignore them in the following situations.

Computer Use

When you work on your computer or laptop, it is essential to wear your blue glare blocking glasses. Many employees spend eight or more hours looking at a computer screen every day, leading to eye strain and other conditions, such as macular degeneration, damaged retina, and cataracts.

Overexposure to computer screens can also cause headaches, dry eyes, and eyes fatigue. Therefore, we recommend maintaining a good sitting posture, blinking your eyes frequently, and use blue glare blocking glasses to reduce digital eye strain when using computers or laptops.

Smartphones and Tablets

Whip out your blue glare blocking glasses when using smartphones and tablets. Many people work for more than eight hours on computers at the office, and when they return home, they start using smartphones for entertainment purposes.

The screens on your tablets, smartphones and other digital devices emit blue light that can harmful effects on your eyes and disrupt your circadian rhythm. Remember, poor sleep patterns can cause stress, fatigue, lower metabolism, and unbalanced homeostasis.


Blue light is an essential component of natural sunlight. Although exposure to sunlight can provide your body with vitamin D, it also affects your eyes and skin. On the other hand, when you use blue light glasses, you can control the amount of light your eyes receive and prevent adverse effects.

Final Words

Blue glare blocking glasses are an essential accessory or product for people who use digital screens for a prolonged period. You can use these glasses when using computers, laptops, smartphones, or spending more time in the sunlight.