When to wear blue light blocking glasses?

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Blue light blocking glasses is the new in thing these days. From fashion models to health care enthusiasts, everyone seems to sport these glasses nowadays.  What are these blue light blocking glasses anyways?

As the name suggests, blue light blocking glasses filters blue light before entering our eyes. Why does this blue light need to be filtered? It’s because over-exposure these blue lights can have various health hazards.

Did you know that blue light is not only emitted from LED bulbs and our computer screens but also is present everywhere? Yes, everywhere! Sun is the primary source of blue light emission. So, when should we wear our blue light blocking glasses?  

In this article, we will discuss when to wear the blue light blocking glasses and what are its benefits.

Do I need blue light blocking glasses?

I used to spend almost 8 hours daily on my laptop during work hours and after that, on my smartphone. This is a lot of blue light exposure, and it did affect my eyes and my sleeping cycle. My eyes looked tired every time, and my mind numb due to lack of sleep and not to mention headaches. 

Since my husband bought these blue light blocking glasses for me, I can observe the changes. I feel my eyes relaxed and fewer headaches (thank heavens). 

So, yes we do need blue light blocking glasses if we want our circadian rhythm to not to get disrupted and also if we love our eyes. Also, they are style statement these days, so that’s a win-win.

When should I wear these glasses?

Blue light can be beneficial and hazardous at the same time. So, what is the right time to wear glasses that filter this blue light?

During the use of a computer or laptop

Office workers mostly spend approximately 8 hours of their day staring at their computer or laptop screens. With blue light continuously emitted from these, we can suffer from dry eyes and headaches. Leaving the screen during work hours is inevitable. Blue light blocking glasses can be a lifesaver in this regard.

So, anytime we are on our computers and laptops, we must make sure that precious eyes are protected. 

During the use of smartphones and tablets

We all are guilty of spending most of the free time on our smartphones and tablet. I can spend hours surfing on internet and scrolling Instagram. Honestly, we all can’t spend time away from our smartphones. The need for blue light blocking glasses is inevitable, and for everyone. 

Did you know that we reach our smartphones and tablets at least 120 times a day? That’s a lot of blue light exposure to our eyes.  It would be helpful if we wear these blue light filtering glasses when we use our phones to reduce light exposure. 

When going outdoors

While sunlight exposure can help us in Vitamin D production, it can cause various health hazards. From skin damage to eye damage, sunlight can be the culprit to blame. There’s no way we can prevent ourselves from basking ourselves in the sunshine; however, we can undoubtedly shield the vulnerable body parts.

For skin, we can always apply sunscreen, and for our eyes, there are blue light filtering glasses. These blue light filter glasses let the only healthy amount of blue light to enter our eyes while blocking the excessive that would harm our eyes and would have an overall health impact.

While staying indoors

Staying indoors on weekends means binge-watching Netflix and playing unlimited levels on our gaming consoles, because why not? But before all the fun let’s not forget to slide our blue light blocking glasses so that we can keep ourselves safe from the impact of hazardous blue light. 

Most houses have LED lights installed these days, and these LED lights are a source of blue light emission. We can consider using light sources that do not emit these blue lights or we can use our filtering glasses when we are in our houses.

Concluding words

Blue light can be a significant health hazard when exposed in high amount. Therefore, it is inevitable to use protection when we know that prolonged exposure is unavoidable. The use of blue light blocking glasses can be beneficial in decreasing the blue light exposure on our eyes.

These glasses aren’t costly and the purpose they serve, they are worth a buy.

When To Wear Blue Light Blocking Lenses


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