Will blue light glasses help my eye stop twitching?

Blue light glasses help my eye stop twitching

Will blue light glasses help my eye stop twitching?

Yes, Blue Light Glasses will help reduce digital eye strain and help prevent eye twitching or Myokymia caused by excessive Blue Light Exposure. 

Do you know that eye twitching is a medical condition and commonly called Myokymia? Usually, this condition is harmless and lasts for a few seconds to a few minutes. However, this condition could persist for days and more and also affect you vision.

Another interesting fact is that most eye twitching is exquisite, and no one can easily see it. This is only a sensation that only we can feel. This twitching can appear from nowhere and could be very irritating.

In this article, we will analyze the causes and prevention of eye twitching. Also, we will look into when to use blue light glasses to prevent eye twitching.

What exactly is eye twitching?

Eye twitching is a condition causes involuntary, non-stop spasm of eyelids muscles. This can happen numerous times per day. Usually, the upper lid of the eye face twitches, but sometimes both upper and lower caps are involved in this spasm. Sometimes people get occasional eye twitches which are not uncommon and mainly due to excessive caffeine intake or sleep deprivation. Eye twitching is most common in the middle age to elderly however not limited to this age categories.

Is Myokymia dangerous?

Myokymia is normally a mild or harmless condition, and it goes away on its own. But, if this condition persists, it is better to consult a doctor to avoid severe conflicts.

When to consult an eye doctor?

If eye twitching becomes severe and one faces the mentioned below problems, we highly recommend visiting an eye doctor asap.

Recognise the symptoms:

  • When we face a complete eyelids closure and trouble in opening eyes
  • When we start feeling twitching in other parts of the body as well.
  • The eyes become swollen or red.
  • And the most severe condition is eyelids drooping.

What are the leading causes of eye or eyelid twitching?

Several reasons are behind the causes of eye twitching, but one of the most significant causes is blue light. Have you ever wondered that we can’t look into the sun for so long? The reason is the emergence of blue light from the sun, which makes our eyes twitch, and as a result, we can’t make eye contact with the sun.

Similarly, we interact daily with digital devices such as laptops, mobiles, TV, tablets, and computers for hours and hours without knowing the fact that these devices emit blue light. Obviously, this long usage of such devices can result in the eye twitching.

Other factors that could be the leading cause are stress, excessive alcohol use, aging, and fatigue.

How does Blue Light from Digital Devices Exactly Causes Eye Twitching?

Most digital screens and devices such as tablets , mobile phones and computer game console emit blue light and causes our eyes to dry out and also tire due to the digital strain being put on them. Our eyes are programed to calibrate the effects of this blue light being emitted from the devices and we naturally adjust our level of focus to a lower level range commonly know as the Resting Point of Accommodation.

However they are simple steps that can be taken to minimize how these digital devices affect our eyes and prevent eye strain, stop eye twitching and prevent dry eyes:

Minimizing the Blue Light Effect from Digital Devices

  • Limit your time using digital devices
  • Wear blue light blocking glasses when using your digital devices
  • Follow the 20 – 20 -20 rules (After 20 minutes if using digital devices look away for 20 seconds at an object approx. 20 feet away
  • Use eyeglass lenses or contact lenses to reduce the strain on your eye – Remember the eye is an organ which has 6 muscles. The muscle has to work to move the eye in each direction.
  • Be conscious of your eye care routine
  • Limit caffeine where possible
  • Limit alcohol where possible
  • Limit stress
  • Prevent lack of sleep by going to bed earlier each night to give your eyes adequate rest and this will also help improve your general health
  • Limit the time your spend watching the TV screen and learn how to wind down and relax by going for walks outdoors and do other activities which avoid digital devices
  • Be conscious of how your computer screen and tv screens are set up. The optimal distance between your eyes and the computer screen or other digital devices is approx. 1metre

These are only some examples of how we can minimize stress and an eye twitch and eye strain from digital devices. If you problem is persistent and does not go away we recommend booking an appointment with an eye doctor.

How to prevent eye twitching due to blue light?

“I work in a company where my main task is to design and create videos and animations. My job is to perform in front of a computer non-stop to meet the deadlines without taking any breaks.

Due to this continuous use of the screen, I started experiencing an eye twitch, but I was unaware that blue light from the computer was affecting my eyes badly, which was an initial stage.

Though an eye twitch is usually unnoticeable, and I was having this so badly that one of my colleagues noticed it and asked me to follow the 20-20-20 rule. According to this rule, I have to look away from the screen every 20 minutes, and look to objects at 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

This rule helped me, and my twitching, which was noticeable before it then became subtle but still was not completely gone. So, one of my friends advised me that I must go and see a doctor or else my condition will worsen. 

The doctor did some eye tests and concluded that I was suffering from severe digital eye-strain due to the extended use of the screen and recommended me to use blue light glasses. Initially I was not sure about these glasses and if they would help me in stopping my eye twitching or not.

After using these blue glasses for some time, I was able to control my eye twitching. So these glasses worked for me. I recommend everyone to use blue light glasses while using digital devices.”

Will blue light glasses help in stopping eye twitching?

According to my experience, blue light glasses will surely help to get rid of this condition. These blue light glasses are not regular glasses; they are specially designed to protect our body’s most valued part, i.e., eyes.

They protect the eyes from the conditions like digital eye strain, dry eyes, and fatigue from digital devices which triggers the eye twitching. The use of blue light glasses will help you to eliminate this condition forever.

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